Taco Zombie Zip Hoodie

$59.99 - $66.66

OMG! A hoodie! We've got a hoodie! "I CaN't bEliEvE iT!!1"

You might be thinking that this is a Halloween-themed hoodie. You're WRONG. This is a HOODIE-themed hoodie with zombies and brain tacos. Not only is it timeless, you can wear it at the most inappropriate times! Like in the shower. Try it sometime.

Additionally, you know that other band you like? Pssh. They don't have one of these. They probably smell like cabbage, too. But your second-to-least favorite band that sometimes does things has this hoodie for you to order! That's Psychostick, by the way. We smell like fermented goat cheese. The GOOD kind.

So snag one of these - it'll keep those flabby parts warm!*

Here's the size chart if you nerds care about things fitting or whatever.

* Does not keep flabby parts warm in the depths of the arctic. You've been warned.

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