Destroyed by Alex Autographed Drumstick!

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Alex likes to beat the everlasting crap out of his drums, and his poor, defenseless drumsticks pay the price. If you have in your squishy heart to give these battered, signed drumsticks a new home, we've got some cute ones here ready for adoption!


  • 100% used and destroyed by Alex!
  • Each drumstick is unique in the way it was destroyed!
  • Getting the red handled ones is random! Those're the rarest ones! OMG!
  • All signed by the entirety of the stupid band Psychostick!
  • Limited! We only have so many of these!
  • This helps Psychostick pay for studio expenses to help make more weird things for your face to ingest!
  • Due to how fulfillment is handled, we can't customize these before they're sent. Sorry!

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