Official Guitar Tabs for "We Couldn't Think of a Title"


We heard you. We still hear you. Now hear THIS! The J has completed his guitar tab book for Psychostick's first album, "We Couldn't Think of a Title." Now you can UNLEARN what you thought you LEARNED and RELEARN the correct way to LEARN our stupid songs!

Tabs include:

  • All guitar tabs and sheet music for We Couldn't Think of a Title in PDF form
  • Guitar Pro 6 files
  • Tab book is themed after We Couldn't Think of a Title
  • Rare photos from Psychostick's early days

As of right now, this book is only available as a PDF digital download. It should work on all devices that can read PDF documents (which is 99% of devices). If you have any concerns, please contact us at info@psychostick.com

Note: Download is 23.8 MB and is compressed into a .zip file.

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