Ultra Sticker Pack 64!

$12.49 $9.99

Guess what? We've got some stickers for YOU. And me? No, not me! YOU! Yes, YOU, with the epidermis!

Now we're offering the "sticker pack," which includes one of each of the four stickers at a discount! Something like a 20.934545% discount! Woah.

These high quality, ultra-weather-and-jerk-resistant stickers are precisely what you need to make anything more themed after our band. People will be all, "What the shit is a Psychostick?" then you can speedbag their esophagus with plenty of clever retorts!

The best part? You snagging any of these will help us put the "sticker" in "Psychostick(er)." Pretty clever, huh?*

Sexy details:

  • "Beer is Good" sticker: Approx. 8.5'' x 2.75''
  • "My Car is a Piece of Shit" sticker: Approx. 8.5'' x 2.75''
  • "Psychostick On Your Face" sticker: 3.5 inches in diameter!
  • "Stic" Die Cut sticker: 8'' tall and 5.5'' wide


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