"Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D" (CD and/or Digital Download)

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"I can’t think of an album that has given me so much joy on the first listen for a long time..." -Phoenix Rising

Psychostick's third full-length album with 15 stupid tracks of amazement. Features Because Boobs, Political Bum, and Numbers (I Can Only Count To Four)

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Official Track List

  1. Premature Intoxication
  2. Welcome to the Show
  3. Sadface :(
  4. Because Boobs
  5. Intervention for a Good Mood
  6. Hate Times 8
  7. It's Just a Movie, Stupid
  8. Political Bum
  9. That Guy
  10. Six Pounds of Terror
  11. Methane Crescendo
  12. My Clingy Girlfriend
  13. The Root of All Evil
  14. Numbers (I Can Only Count to Four)
  15. Duh, of Course We Did Outtakes!

Artwork by Sou Zou. Layout by Rawrb.

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