"Sandwich" (CD and/or Digital Download)

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Funded by fan donations, Psychostick's tasty second album Sandwich features "Girl Directions," "This is not a Song, it's a Sandwich!", and of course, "We Ran Out of CD Space" (which is true... the cd is as PACKED WITH MUSIC AS IT CAN LITERALLY CAN BE).

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Official Track List

  1. Metal?
  2. Caffeine
  3. Shower
  4. A Lesson in Modesty
  5. P is the Best Letter
  6. Minimum Rage
  7. Don't Eat My Food
  8. The Hunger Within
  9. Grocery Escape Plan
  10. Too Many Food
  11. This is not a Song, it's a Sandwich
  12. Girl Directions
  13. Orange
  14. Beer, Part 2
  15. Do you want a Taco?
  16. An Attempt at Something Serious
  17. # 1 Radio $ingle
  18. Vah-jay-jay
  19. Die... a LOT!
  20. You've Got Mail Enhancement
  21. Passive Vengeance
  22. 373 Thank Yous
  23. Outtakes
  24. We Ran Out of CD Space

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