"... and stuff" (CD and/or Digital Download)

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Aww yeah! Here it is! The (mostly) newest thingie from Psychostick!

The album is called, ... and stuff, which is the most hilarious joke ever about an album consisting of knee-slappin' b-sides, side-splittin' rarities, and genital-punchin' riffs.

There's a mind-humping THIRTY tracks on this bad boy, including all of the songs from "The Digital Appetizer," remastered, as well as a ton of random weirdness we put out over the years. And, if you look with extra careful eyeballs, you'll notice some never before released thingies!

Aww hell, here's the official track list:

  1. A Foreword from Patrick Stewart
  2. This Song is Worth $50
  3. Ghostbuster!
  4. Let's Do the Sex
  5. Metaldonna Medley
  6. Hedstronk
  7. Gaslight Projection (skit)
  8. Jameson Love Song
  9. Bill Nye
  10. Reading Rainbow
  11. The Doom Song
  12. Star Trek
  13. Galaxy Song
  14. Mega Man
  15. AVGN
  16. Toejam and Earl
  17. Talk About Not Talking About Food (skit)
  18. Chimichanga
  19. Eat an Entire Pizza By Myself
  20. Mi Queso
  21. The Sombrero Prophecy
  22. Sober on St Patty's Day
  23. A Reverse Foreword from Patrick Stewart
  24. Outtakes
  25. Cockblock
  26. iSong
  27. Tuff Luv
  28. Orgasm = Love Live-ish MAF Version
  29. Those Stupid Ifs
  30. We Ran Out of CD Space Again

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